Do you think  the money can fall from the sky?

A modern Robin Hood.

Wong Ching Kit, owner of several web pages dedicated to the promotion of cryptocurrencies and products for mining, has made a somewhat extravagant promotion.

It seems that Santa Claus has arrived a little ahead of this neighborhood in Hong Kong, Sham Shui Po, one of the poorest in the city.

From the top of a building, a man dressed in a similar way to Wong, in a black sweatshirt, started throwing 100-dollar Hong Kong bills. When he said: “I wonder if any of you believe that money can fall from heaven.” Which caused a small revolution in the neighborhood of people running to try to reach the tickets.

The young master of the coin.

At least that’s how he likes to be called Wong Ching KIt. Which has become a millionaire thanks to the world of cryptoactive. It is also known as Coin MAster or Mr. Coin.

However, despite calling himself the Robin Hood and appearing with a bow on his back, as he says he steals from the rich to give to the poor. The reality is that it was only about 6,000 Hong Kong dollars that can be said to have been launched. Which do not reach the amount of 800 US dollars. While at the same time he rides in a Lamborghini about 300 times more expensive than all the money he has thrown.

Story without a happy ending.

The young man, despite just trying to make a different promotion, has just been arrested for creating riots and public disorder. He could face a fine similar to the money recovered by the authorities and 12 months in prison.

The police have recovered part of the money that had been thrown into the air. Since the same citizens were threatened that they could incur a crime of improperly seizing money.

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