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What is Bytecoin?

Bytecoin (BCN) is a decentralized and private cryptocurrency with open source code that allows everyone to participate in its development. Its symbol is BCN and is a person-to-person virtual cryptocurrency. It basees the CryptoNight algorithm. But it wasn't until mid-2017 that the coin starts to pick up significant value. Shooting its value twice during 2018. This currency can be typed or purchased from Exchanges.

What makes Bytecoin better than other currencies?

One of the main features of cryptocurrencies is anonymity. Still, you can search a portfolio's transactions and know their origin. To bridge this gap, Bytecoin has been created whose main philosophy is such anonymity and which offers greater security when it comes to hiding the addresses of transactions.

In Bitcoin, when a transaction is made, both the addresses (which are public), the number of currencies, and the key that validates the transaction in the blockchain are recorded. If anyone knew one of the addresses, they'd know a transaction was made with it.

Bytecoin addresses this problem and seeks a solution. To hide members participating in the transaction, cover addresses with a ring signing algorithm called CryptoNote. The ring signature is a signature used to verify that a message has been signed by one of the potential signatories to an authorized list. Because they are shared by multiple users, you could discover which user group it is but not the specific user who participated in the transaction.

How does Bytecoin work?

The Bytecoin network offers instant private transactions worldwide, are completely un trackable and do not require any additional fees and/or taxes. Fiat currencies are assigned to specific territories, while BCN is linked to the Internet and is therefore international by default.

How to buy and sell Bytecoin?

It is not an excessively young currency, however it has only been relevant in recent years. It is at this time that it is being implemented as a form of payment in many places.Its value is not yet stabilized. Investing in it carries more risks than other currencies than if they are entrenched. Although it can also offer much higher profitability. This year I multiply 10 times to end up returning to its original price.

Anyway, you can invest like any other currency. With the Bytecoin wallet, installed by both parties, BCN can also be sent and received. The process is in the same way as other currencies because the anonymity algorithm acts equally. However, the recipient must provide an address and then enter the Bytecoin wallet.

Currently BCN is priced at $0.0022 and its capitalization is $415 million.

How to track the price of Bytecoin in Real Time?

This is a real-time chart of the price evolution of the BCN in Real Time. We must keep in mind that being a decentralized market in each exchange house always applies a different price, there can be important differences from one house to another, that does not mean that it is always the same the cheapest.

Bytecoin millionaires are real

There are multiple people who have become millionaires in recent years thanks to cryptocurrencies.

Right now the price of most of them seems to be stabilizing.

In the case of Bytecoin the level of $0.0015 seems to be very relevant and could mean a medium-term soil. This Christmas we could have a bullish outburst like last year.

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