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Exclusive Bitcoin cashier with high-tech Bitxchange

Install a Bitcoin cashier in your own business

Exclusive bitcoin cashier with high-tech Bitxchange !

Buy your own Bitcoin cashier, with our sophisticated system, your customers will be able to buy and sell bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies through it. (You will get a profit percentage for each trade performed).

The demand and volume of Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies is growing exponentially. More
and more are the renowned companies that accept it as a payment method, among them: For this reason more people choose to acquire their Cryptocurrencies.Take advantage of this trend, and attract new clients physically in your business, the Bitxchange cashier will provide the user with confidence, thanks to its user-friendly interface.


Fácil de usar
Entorno Gráfico Amigable
El cajero no requiere que el consumidor se identifique dentro de los límites legales establecidos.
Incluye una guía básica en el interior audiovisual del uso de cajero.
Eficaz frente a pequeños errores de redondeo por parte de los pagos realizados por las wallets

PRICE: 5,000 euros + VAT

Pedestal (optional): 400 euros + VAT

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  • 15" touch screen
  • Computer with dual-core Intel microprocessor
  • 4Gb RAM
  • Linux Operating System
  • Ticket recycler with capacity for 80 banknotes
  • Ticket acceptor with capacity for 500 banknotes
  • Dimensions: 145x67x65 cm
  • 3mm sheet steel housing
  • Approximate weight: 120kg
  • Configurable commissions.
  • Rigorous cash accounting.
  • All operations immediately and transparently.
  • Secure Protocols (Https, OpenPGP).
  • 1 year of free software updates.
  • Full control over the system and customizable graphic design.
  • Access for the administrator using two-factor authentication.
  • Identity of the anti-copy protected cashier by Dongle SG-Lock.
  • The cashier and ticket depot have separate locks.
  • High security private keys, obtained by dedicated random number generation hardware.
  • Configurable commissions.
  • Rigorous cash accounting.
  • All operations are reflected immediately and transparently in the blockchain.
  • Complete remote management of the cashier using secure protocols (Https, OpenPGP).
  • The cashier owner has full and exclusive control over the system.
  • 1 year of free software updates.

Buy your Bitcoin cashier now and start making money!

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