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Issues that are usually done about the CCXT library.


The following is a Spanish translation of frequently asked questions about the CCXT library on the project's github page.

¿Estoy tratando de ejecutar el código, pero no funciona, como lo arreglo?

If your question is asked so briefly, we won't be able to help you. We're not going to teach you programming. If you're not able to follow the manual, we're not going to help you.

When to ask a question:

  • Use the search button to find out if your question already exists.
  • Formulate the question verbally.
  • Put the code to reproduce the problem. Create a complete and executable program. Don't show screenshots, paste the program output.
    • Write the code and output with three inverse accents: ''OK'''.
    • Do not confuse the reverse accent (') with the apostrophe ('): '''MAL'''.
    • Don't confuse an accent with three accents: 'MAL'.
  • Don't publish your apikey or your secret. Keep them safe.
  • Publishes the CCXT version.
  • Publish the version of the language you're using.

¿Estoy llamando a un método y me devuelve un error, qué estoy haciendo mal?

You're not posting the problem well, read and follow the instructions above.

¿Recibo un resultado incorrecto al llamar a un método, podéis ayudarme?

You're not posting the problem well, read and follow the instructions above.

¿Podéis implementar la característica foo y bar en el intercambio?

Yes, we can do it. And we will if someone doesn't do it first. This is an open source library that is in continuous development. This means that the library is intended to be developed by the community. What you're asking isn't whether or not we can do it, but that we prioritize that in development.

¿Cuándo vais a implementar la característica foo y bar? ¿Cuánto tiempo os va a llevar?¿Cuándo debemos esperárnoslo?

No promises or estimates are made in the work on free software.

¿Cuál es el progreso en la adición de la característica foo? ¿Cómo estáis implementando?

These kinds of questions are a waste of time, it usually takes longer to answer these kinds of questions than to code-solve the purpose of it.

¿La solución que habéis subido está en JavaScript, la podéis hacer también en Python y PHP, por favor?

It's done automatically. This means that you don't need to fix it manually in the other languages, if it's fixed in one, it will also be fixed in the others. Simply update your version using pip or composer and it will be correct.

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