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Ledger wins innovation award

It has been presented at the Consumer Electronics Show, the new hardware for storing cryptographic keys, from the firm Ledger known for its previous device with great success Nano S. It has won the Innovation award in Cyber Security and Personal Privacy" in 2019.

Nano X, is an update to the previous device, Ledger Nano S, but this adds capabilities like Bluetooth, a slightly larger screen, greater security and support for more than 1,100 assets.In addition, it allows you to connect your smart mobile, to carry out transactions faster, offering a user experience with greater mobility and the most advanced security.

"The fact that we have a mobile app and that it works with the Nano X is really the great evolution of the hardware for this line," said Eric Larchev-que, CEO of Ledger.

Fans in the industry comment that Nano X can be dangerous for users, as implementing Bluetooth would be a point of attack for hackers.

The company responds that this is not possible, as private keys are kept on a secure chip preventing you from extracting them remotely.

It has a comfortable price of $119, although it can be purchased from today and the first shipments will be until March.The app can be downloaded from the iOS stores and Play Store starting January 28.

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