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Ledger X, a leading company in the protection of cryptographic assets. The technology of this company is of high quality protects its users from hackers. Because it keeps private keys stored in encryption security. Same chip as a credit card chip. It also has an easy backup. Also mobility to manage your critptography wherever you go with Bluetooth enabled and app from your mobile. It also has the capacity of up to 100 apps installed on one device at the same time. In conclusion, a device that every investor should acquire.

Announce your new device, ledger X Volatility Index

With this you will be able to track the volatility of the Bitcoin asset (BTC), the company is in favor of its investors and users being able to manage the risk of their businesses.

Behind this new product we have Juthica Chou, president and head of risk of Ledger X. Chou, previously worked as a volatility trader at the VIX, in which it was very useful for the company, presented for this reason they developed their own device.

Chou at the press conference concluded:

"We saw, for example, a lot of people who generated a lot of money amid mass market sales in late November. Now, a lot more people want to join this."

This company has generated more than $500 million in cryptocurrencies since 2017. On the other hand many investors in the world have lost a lot of money because of the long-term downtrend in the crypto market throughout 2018.

Previously customers who already have the Ledger X device, for months they can use the index to track bitcoin price volatility, but currently the index is public through its website.

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