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Buying and selling in bitcoins may seem difficult but its use is easier than it seems, if you can use Facebook or whatsapp without any problem you will be able to access the use of cryptocurrencies. Although at the moment in Spain, you can pay in some establishments or withdraw money from a cashier, it is still located away from Japan, Switzerland, Malta, which admits them as authorized means of payment.

Bitcoin has two main uses:

  • Payment method
  • Investment potential

Payment method

Cryptocurrencies are money in which transfers are made without intermediaries, "fast and secure". You only need one digital wallet, there are many and they are downloaded for free from a smartphone.

Investment potential

Many buy it at a low price, store it and then to do business in the future with the margin of difference with its sale, in this way get interesting profit margins.


Where do I buy and sell cryptos?

Easy, exchange houses, these are entities that act similarly to a cryptocurrency "bank", in which they insert their cryptos into a wallet.Here are some that you can go to in Spain/LATAM:

BitXchange is the leading company in the sale of Cryptocurrencies and Tokens. With an internationally recognized brand. It offers a practical, safe and fast service for receiving and sending money with different payment methods.With quality customer service. Location: Carballo, La Coruña.

Bit2Me is the leading Spanish cryptocurrency buying company offering worldwide service. Through Bit2Me, anyone in the world can easily, securely and quickly buy and sell cryptocurrencies using different payment and money receipt methods. Location: Elche, Alicante, Spain.

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