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How do I make a transaction with Bitcoins?

To send bitcoins you need a Bitcoin address and a private key.

The Bitcoin address is the public key that corresponds to the private key of the owner of those bitcoins. The two keys are a sequence of letters and numbers, but the address always starts with 1, otherwise, it would be another type of cryptocurrency.

On the other hand, the private key is generated through a seed that is created automatically, by its owner or by the software. They are usually complex seeds for your safety.

When the issuer wants to send Bitcoins to the receiver, it uses its private key(s) to sign each of the transaction entries (the source).

The nodes will validate whether this is a transition authorized by their holder because they can corroborate it with the source address, which is the public key as we said earlier.

The transaction is relayed and shared by all nodes in the network, registering it in their corresponding blockchains. It is done in a few seconds and it is not necessary to come from previously confirmed entries to be forwarded.

Fees for making Bitcoin transactions are not mandatory, but if recommended as this becomes faster to get confirmation of the transaction.

Typically a simple or multi-entry and outbound transaction costs 0.0001 BTC ($0.03) if you want to have a high priority.

Commissions are always determined by the number of inputs and outputs a transaction has, among other factors. But not for the amount of bitcoin. The reason for this fact is that the transactions that have the most inputs and outputs, also represent a transaction with more data to analyze and distribute, so they will ask you for more commission to give you the high priority tag.

High priority means that your transaction is added in the next block, starting to receive confirmations.

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