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Real-time use of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has gained tremendous momentum since its 2017 rise in value. More and more investors began investing in cryptocurrencies with the intention of generating good profits. Back then, people saw Bitcoin only for investment purposes. But companies around the world have started accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment. In addition, international payments using Bitcoin are very efficient, as the transaction takes less than 10 minutes to process compared to conventional bank transfers, which take 3 to 5 days. Bitcoin adopts all the properties of a blockchain, thus ensuring anonymity and security of users' transactions.

Next, let's look at some uses in which Bitcoin is already being used as a means of exchange.


Freelancers around the world are inclined to accept payments in cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin. In a recent survey (at the end of 2018) conducted by, 29% of freelancers preferred to receive their cryptography payments. The reason for this is that cryptographic payments are faster to settle, and there is no limit on daily transactions. Even transaction fees are extremely lower when they receive payments through Bitcoins. Not only employees, but also employers are finding it easy to pay using cryptocurrencies, as they can find talent anywhere in the world without worrying about the form of payment. It is not necessary to verify each payment as is done in traditional banking transactions. Not only freelancers, but also people who work full-time prefer to receive their salaries in cryptocurrencies, seeing the advantages it offers.


Several Bitcoin online casinos already exist and operate in the market today. They are similar to any other typical casino, but accept bitcoin payments. One must use a Bitcoin wallet service that they supply. Users must store the bitcoins in their wallet for use in those casinos. For payments, they just need to transfer their bitcoins to the Bitcoin casino address. These casinos guarantee anonymity, security, and of course, faster transactions. King Billy Casino, Bitstarz, Cloudbet, etc. are some of the examples of Bitcoin casinos.

Real estate

Bitcoin users can buy a home by looking for a seller who accepts money in Bitcoins. Many attractive real estate offerings have recently emerged that accept the use of Bitcoin as a payment forms. There are companies like 'Open Listings' that allow us to search for sellers who accept Bitcoin/Ether using its search functionality.


Educational institutions also began accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Universities in Europe and the United States are accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment. They also created many cryptocurrency courses to educate their students.

Fast Food Restaurants

Some Subway branches accept Bitcoin. It all started from a store in Pennsylvania. Bitcoin Coffee, a store in the Czech Republic, accepts different cryptocurrencies to pay for coffee. In quite a few stores, depending on the place and regulations of the country, cryptos are accepted. Don't forget, the famous Bitcoin Pizza day, where one person used 10,000 BTC to buy two Papa John pizza back in 2010.



Expedía, a famous online travel company, allows you to use Bitcoins to book hotels, flights, cruises and also rent a car, and usually any service that the travel company can offer through its site.



The day will soon come when we can buy any product we now buy with current money, using cryptocurrencies. Microsoft allows its users to top up their account using Bitcoin, and Wikipedia accepts donations from Bitcoin. Global companies must pave the way by accepting cryptocurrencies so that smaller companies can follow them. Every year we see more companies that add to the list that accept Bitcoins, and the list will only grow as time goes on.

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